Earlobe Rejuvenation

Aging could be spotted looking at the ears too. Aging causes collagene, hydration and elasticity loss in earlobes too, exactly as for any other body part skin; in addiction, being an area bound to gravity, accentuated by earrings use, especially if extremely heavy and [...]

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Belkyra Kybella double chin treatment in Rome

Belkyra® is finally available in Italy. Known in the U.S.A. as Kybella®,Belkyra® is the first medical, non surgical treatment to reduce the double chin, with an extensive clinical validation. Has the american FDA and italian AIFA approval to treat the moderate to severe [...]

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Recognize a Melanoma

Melanoma is deadliest type of skin cancer. It could all start from a mole, but also out of blue as a new dark spot on the skin. Early diagnosis and treatment are fundamental. Check yourself with a mirror, front, back, sides; neck, scalp ( parting the [...]

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February the 20th Happy Bday Cindy

Since ‘80s Top Model Cindy Crawford, still is a beauty and glamour Icon: time never seems to pass for her. This what she said in a 2006 interview: “ I’m not going to lie to myself, past a certain age, creams work on the texture of [...]

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Apply cosmetics around the eyes

Eyes say a lot about us, eyelids maybe… too much! This area requires caution and care: thin skin, complex microcirculation, fat bags, expressions’s wrinkles ( crow feet ), and the constant, undefeatable, gravity, demand different approach from the rest of the face’s skin. Let’s use only [...]

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How much should I use?

One of the most frequently asked questions is: “ How much cosmeceutic should I apply during my daily routine to restore and maintain my skin healthy? ” At Absolute Health everything we use comes from serious medical research with results backed by science. Actives are highly [...]

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Martina Pinto Lunch Therapy

The fashion blogger Martina Pinto talks about her experience here at Absolute Health with our professional treatments Skinceuticals official Medical SPA. Learn about Martina Pinto blog chronicling his day ceutical Skin and lunch therapy performed by Absolute Health.

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Heart Safe Environment

Absolute Health announces that has just increased the safety of its guests at the Medical SPA, becoming one of the sadly few Heart Safe Clinics in Rome. Absolute Health has installed a Semi AUTOMATED EXTERNAL DEFIBRILLATOR ( AED ), produced by Philips Healthcare, a life-saver health [...]

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Skinscope Free Skin Check Up

Absolute Health - Medical SPA gives you the exclusive opportunity to get a Free Professional Individual Skin Check Up with Skinscope, an innovative analysis instrument with LED-UV technology capable of diagnosing visible and hidden problems such as sun damages, oily skin and congested pores, dehydrated blemished [...]

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Absolute Health Event – L’Oreal Academy Rome

Piazza di Spagna / Spanish Steps Gala event at, l’Oreal Academia Rome, for the health and beauty city center luxury spot: Absolute Health.. Fashion event with many guests and friends to present the new project on how to take care of ourselves and find [...]

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Surgery Music: post-operatory recovery

Has been scientifically proven: music, before-during-after a surgery, helps the post-op recovery, considerably increasing patient’s satisfaction. SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCES A study, just published on the scientific journal “The Lancet”, shows that music, any kind of, listened before, during or after a surgical treatment, will improve the recovery. [...]

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SkinScope: skin check up

We use Skinscope with its exclusive technology based on day and LED-UV lights, to evaluate the skin and reveal apparent and hidden imperfections. Our purpose is to find personalized protocols leading to a beautiful and healthy skin. Skin check up is the first step of our [...]

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Oxidative stress and pollution on skin

Skin aging is a chronic physiological process during which cells progressively loose their structural and support function. Skin gets thinner and tone fade away, wrinkles grow deeper, dark spots or wide areas of pigmentation start showing. MAIN SKIN AGING CAUSES Skin aging has clearly a genetic [...]

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Lycopene Anti-Aging: natural antioxidant

Lycopene is the pigment that gives tomato, pink guava, watermelon, grapefruit and papaya their red shade; it is also a very powerful natural antioxidant. Lycopene cannot be made by our body, so we get it from the food mentioned above. Up to 80% of lycopene could [...]

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