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In many countries, neuromodulators use is the most popular aesthetic medicine procedure: safe, minimally invasive, effective and efficient. It erases or reduces the expression lines, the wrinkles created by the superficially running muscles that move the skin until it cannot go back to its original tightness and flatness. These are the muscles that design every emotion, joy or sadness; make us squint at the light, squeeze the lips to smoke a cigarette, to use a straw or, much better, to kiss. Unfortunately these “drawings” became progressively permanent and deep while the skin looses its elasticity and firmness due to all the aging processes, unable to return to its initial state.

Botulinum, in Italy Vistabex©, interferes with the signal transmission that makes these muscles contraction possible. Since 1992 scientists discovered the opportunity to use this neuromodulator property to take care of the expression wrinkles; thereafter aesthetic surgeries such as facelift became less and less popular and nowadays very rare, while botulinum is now the golden standard to treat this kind of wrinkles. We also discovered that neuromodulation on these muscles contraction, not only acts directly on erasing or reducing these wrinkles but also avoids progressively they will appear again or grow deeper, so it is finally considered also a preventative treatment.

The Botox© effect becomes apparent in a week, reaches its peak in the first month and is completely reversed in 3-6 months, so 2-3 treatments per year are recommended. Since 2004, in Italy, botulinum has been approved for aesthetic medicine treatments of the vertical wrinkles between eyebrows ( frown lines or “lion wrinkle” ), and the fan-shape wrinkles at the eyes side ( “crow’s feet” ). Wonderful results are obtained for vertical wrinkles around the lips ( “bar-code” or “smoker’s lines”), for hyperactive chin ( “chin dimpling” or “orange peel chin” ), and to correct the excessive gums display while smiling or even at rest ( “gummy smile” ).

Here at Absolute Health we always perform a very balanced rejuvenation treatment; that’s why we make an individual comprehensive beauty plan where neuromodulators could be combined with other anti-aging treatments such as peelings, dermal HA fillers, laser resurfacing, radiofrequency, preventative and corrective prescription cosmeceuticals, together with an healthy active lifestyle and a balanced diet.


“What kind of results should I expect from botulinum ( botox © )? I don’t want it to be too noticeable or that all of the sudden I have a completely different appearance”

Our simple approach to the aesthetic medicine targets at looking and being better with no excesses and gradually. We refuse the unnatural “aesthetic” standards, we rather work hard so the real beauty concept prevails, touching the unconscious and not disturbing. Botulinum effect isn’t immediate but progressive; in around 3 to 4 days face expression will soften and will give you a relaxed and fresh allure, you will feel ( and be ) rested and cool.

“Is botulinum an aesthetic instrument only?”

Botox © is worldwide used in many other medical fields such as ophthalmology ( strabismus or crossed eyes, eyelid spasm or blepharospasm), urology ( refractory overactive bladder ), neurology ( spasms, tics, dystonia ), and even to fight hyperidrosis the excessive sweating.

“Is botulinum ok for all as aesthetic medicine treatment?”

Like any other medical procedure, this too requires its proper indications for each person. Before proposing any treatment, an accurate medical-aesthetic and cosmetological evaluation with medical history and clinical conditions collection is mandatory. We prefer not to use botox© during pregnancy and breast feeding, neuromuscular and coagulation diseases, under 18 and over 75 years of age. Botulinum is to be avoided in case of miastenia gravis, Eaton Lambert syndrome and if in the area that needs to be treated an infection is present.

“Could I have side effects?”

Botox © is a pharmaceutical drug and can cause adverse reactions like headache, nausea ( flu syndrome ), muscolar fatigue, allergic reaction, swallowing difficulties, eyelid swelling or ptosis. The treated area could bruise, especially if daily drinking Green Tea, using anticoagulants ( even aspirin or other anti inflammatory drugs ), or having the monthly period; let us know in advance these circumstances. It will get back to normal in just few days, keep us updated, we always prefer to check it.

“How botulinum is applied?”

Skin Cleansing and Disinfection, face analysis to plan the treatment ( frowning and squinting for example ), topical anesthetic and finally botox© is administered.

“What are the after care precautions?”

Don’t lie down or upside-down the following 5 hours; don’t massage, stretch or put pressure ( even with an hat or an helmet ), on the treated areas for 12-24 hours; apply Sun Protection 50+ with uvA coverage; avoid sun exposure or sun bed for 7 days; avoid sauna or steam bath for 3 to 4 days.

Duration of intervention: 20/30 min
Post-operatory recovery: immediate

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