Project Description

Cellular Therapy is one of the most complete medical procedures to fight and prevent skin aging. Combines the principles of the two worlds Biorevitalization and Biostimulation, but results on skin are exponential not simply proportional to the sum of the two.

The Clinician custom designs the formulation based on each person characteristics and need. Usually requires only few hours of post-treatment recovery.

Cellular Therapy is primarily a “medical” treatment and then an “aesthetic medicine” one; as for biorevitalization and biostimulation the formulation is released at dermal level, but are both precursors ( that will be transformed inside the tissues in active molecules ), and ready effective principles.

So we use both Endo-Pharmacology ( give the precursor to induce the body to produce what is necessary, awakening dormant health and beauty mechanisms ), and Eso-Pharmacology ( give directly the actives ), to have awake cells induced to repair, regenerate and renew again with all the commodities and raw materials at their disposal to do it at best.

It is ideal to maintain and improve every other aesthetic procedure results, can be done all year long, each 30-45 days.

Duration of intervention: 30/40 min
Post operative recovery: 2 hour

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