Project Description

Fractional Laser Skin Resurfacing is a particular kind of Photorejuvenation that at Absolute Health Medical SPA is done by means of a CO2 ( carbon dioxide ) Fractional Laser that targets the water of the skin.

At epidermis level, the outer skin layer, Laser beam causes cells ablation by evaporation and subsequent re-epithelization leading to a more homogenous skin, free of photo aging damages and brown spots. At dermis level, just deeper than the epidermis, the water is mainly in between the cells, the extracellular matrix, so here Laser acts, shrinking collagen fibers and boosting the tension of elastic fibers, resulting in a nonsurgical skin lifting. With time the Laser resurfacing will also lead to new collagen production and remodeling.

Our Ultrapulsed Fractional CO2 Laser, when used to fight the photo and crono aging of face, neck, chest and cleavage, hands, can:

  • reduce wrinkles up to 50-70%
  • remove precancerous skin lesions
  • delete keratosis
  • lighten or dissolve dark skin spot or lentigo ( melasma combined treatment )
  • get rid or make shallower acne scars
  • make the skin firmer in three months
  • increase elasticity and further reduce the wrinkles due to new collagen growth three to six months after the treatment

Laser beamed tissues can heal because of regeneration’s skills of their own skin appendages ( hair follicles ), and the surrounding untreated skin; this last healing source is of major importance using the latest appliances available at our Absolute Health Laser Center. We have a CO2 Fractional Pulsed Laser, equipped with a Fractional Scanner dedicated to skin rejuvenation, following a “Z” scheme based on a patented algorithm; this allow us to:

  • leave between the beamed skin points, unbeamed micro spaces, maximizing the tissue area left untouched by the Laser that will take care of regenerating the beamed skin areas
  • leave between the laser beams of two adjacent points enough time to fully cool down and improve patient’s
  • This patient comfort improvement goes even further thanks to the Pulsed technology of our Laser, whose beams last only milliseconds ( ms ), few thousandth of a second.

Laser skin treatments, particularly ablative ones, shouldn’t be done on people that have a tendency to overgrowth of scar tissue ( keloids or hypertrophic scars ), have used retinoids by mouth ( orally ) over the past year, have had a surgery on the same area. Radiotherapy underwent areas or affected by scleroatrophic dermatosis like lichen, scleroderma, etc.


“What kind of results should I expect from fractional CO2 laser skin resurfacing? I don’t want it to be too noticeable or that all of the sudden I have a completely different appearance”

Our approach to the aesthetic medicine targets at looking and being better gradually and with no excesses. We rather work hard so the real beauty concept prevails, touching the unconscious and not disturbing. Laser resurfacing restores firmness, elasticity, texture, has a non surgical “lifting” effect with wrinkles, dark spots and keratosis reduction or even their disappearance.

“Could I have side effects?”
Immediately after the laser beams, very small white spots appear on the treated area and will soon become darker, skin will be red and blisters could appear; crust will show on 3rd-5th day, same as after a sunburn. After other 3 to 5 days crusts will peel off and new, young, pink skin will appear wrinkle-free. At this point make-up could be used. This new skin will gradually stabilize and its color will become more uniform and young. This healing and improvement process is as intense and long as intense, deep and “energetic” the Laser beaming has been. Doctor and patient together decide how deep the laser energy should be and how many sessions should be done, according to the initial skin condition and patient’s opportunity to take time off.

“How do I get prepared for fractional CO2 laser skin resurfacing?”
As for any other aesthetic medicine therapy, skin has to be deeply evaluated and have a customized home skincare routine of cleanse, prevent, correct and protect. Especially prior to Laser rejuvenation, it is very important to adopt an home skincare regimen that would assist CO2 pulsed fractional laser activities, enhance their results, fight the previous dark spots, fine-tune melanocytes ( skin’s cells producing melanin, the substance responsible for skin shade and spots ) functions. Before and after the laser skin resurfacing an antibiotic and antiviral coverage is required.

“How fractional CO2 laser skin resurfacing & rejuvenation is done?”
Laser resurfacing begins with cleaning and disinfecting. Topical anesthetic cream will soon work and when a more “energetic” Laser beaming is required, a light conscious sedation is provided. Skin is kept wet with saline ( this CO2 Laser targets the water ), all dark spots, precancerous skin lesions and keratosis are wiped out; Laser parameters are then switched to “fractional” technology to treat all the face ( and neck, hands, décolleté ) weaving microdots of Laser beams that leave untreated skin microdots in between, from where tissue regeneration ( rejuvenation ) will kick-in. The Laser procedure’s duration depends on the amount of dark spots and skin lesions and on the areas that are treated with the “fractional” technology ( not only the face ); usually it requires from 20 to 60 minutes.

“What are the after care precautions?”
After Ultrapulsed Fractional CO2 Laser skin resurfacing, the treated areas need to be washed just with sterile saline; never remove crusts or peeling skin, wait until they fell. Apply several times a day creams that will help the epidermis to heal, soothe from the itching and inflammation, hydrate and nourish the skin. Is a very good idea to apply an AOX serum after few days, and to progressively go back to high quality cosmeceuticals home skincare regimen that will also modulate melanin production and distribution. Completely avoid direct sun exposure; use hat, foulard, sun-glasses, gloves, together with sunblock with 50+ SPF and UV-A protection.

Duration of intervention: 20/60 min
Post-operatory recovery: immediate

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