Project Description

Mastopexy or breast lift is the plastic surgery procedure to raise the breast, elevate the nipples and give it a more youthful and confident shape. Weight changes, brest feeding, aging, pregnancy, genetic lack of skin elasticity and, yes, gravity, are the main causes for breast sagging. The breast lift is done taking care of the overstretched skin and rearranging the internal tissues. In case of extensive sagging, volume and shape loss is often present as well, suggesting to combine the mastopexy with a breast augmentation procedure that will take care of the size loss and the emptiness of the upper side.

Mastopexy has longer incisions compared to breast augmentation, these may vary with the sagging grade and the related lift requested. Minimal sagging may need just a circle around the areola, often almost invisible after complete healing; when more lift is required the circle is coupled with vertical “I” or “inverted T” incision down to the fold. Appearance of the incision after complete healing is related to patient’s complexion, lighter skin heals faster and better.

Mastopexy is quite invasive for the gland that is almost completely overturned. It is common, especially with major lifts, that patients will no longer be able to breast feed or may have permanent sensory alterations of the nipple-areola complex.

Mastopexy post-op recovery is faster and easier if the procedure hasn’t been combined with breast augmentation. Going back to almost normality takes around a week. The surgery can be performed with local anesthesia and IV sedation or under general anesthesia.
To maintain the results stable over time, body weight needs to be stable as well.

Duration of intervention: about 1h, 45′
Recovery Time post-operatory: 1week
Time in the clinic

Day – surgery (day hospital without an overnight stay in the clinic) or Hospitalization 1 day (1 night’s stay at the clinic)

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