Project Description

Radiofrequency is a Wellness medical noninvasive treatment fighting skin aging that obtains a long-lasting improvement of tissues effectively reducing the laxity.

SPA Sensation, with the warmth of a gentle relaxing massage, fights wrinkles, crow’s-feet, sagging cheeks and skin, cellulite and localized fat deposits, low defined face contours, deep nasolabial folds, flabby neck and legs, acne scarring.

Radiofrequency ( RF ), improves tissues oxygenation and tone, has a “lifting” effect on face and body inducing immediate production of new collagen. Has an anti-aging action and revitalizes the skin also deeply conveying actives as Aloe Vera and Hyaluronic Acid ( HA ). Easy, effective and no downtime, is the perfect “lunch therapy”. Visible results since the very first treatment: tighter, smoother, firmer and flawless skin.

Duration of intervention: 20/30 min
Post operative recovery: immediate

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