Project Description

Biorevitalization is a medical procedure to improve the skin from the inside out and to fight its aging.

Skin biorevitalization begins at the dermal level, where optimizes its structure, extracellular matrix functionality and fibroblastic trophism, the nourishment of the cells responsible for producing collagen and other skin’s structural components.

As for Biostimultation and Cellular Therapy, Skin Biorevitalization is primarily a “medical” treatment and then an “aesthetic medicine” one; the formulation is released at dermal level, but it is only composed by the directly effective principles.

This is Eso-Pharmacology ( give directly the actives to your target ).

The main active used to biorevitalize the skin is the Hyaluronic Acid ( HA ) that hasn’t be cross linked, so doesn’t have any volumizing effect.

Duration of intervention: 20/30 min
Post operative recovery: immediate

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