Project Description

Skin Biostimulation is a medical procedure to moisturize the skin from inside out, the opposite direction that over the counter hydrating cosmetics take, causing dehydration instead, since most of them cannot pass the skin barrier.

Biostimulation works at the dermal level, moisturizing it, induces fibroblasts to work ( these are the cells that produce collagen, to name but one feature ), and replenishes the skin’s assets.

We improve antioxidant potential of cellular membranes, induce mitochondria’s DNA and increase the cellular production of collagene, elastin and functional mucopolysaccharides for the extracellular matrix!

Skin Biostimulation is primarily a “medical” treatment and then an “aesthetic medicine” one; as for biorevitalization and Cellular Therapy the formulation is released at dermal level, but only precursors ( that will be transformed inside the tissues in active molecules ), are used.

This is Endo-Pharmacology ( give the precursor to induce the body to produce what is necessary, awakening dormant health and beauty mechanisms).

The rational behind the Endo-Pharmacology is “ teaching arithmetic instead of giving a calculator”.

Duration of intervention: 20/30 min
Post operative recovery: immediate

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