Choosing and combining the right foods is the key factor for proper lifestyle, source of balanced beauty within wellness.

Biology degree, trained as Human Nutritionist and Dietician, focuses on Obesity and Metabolic Syndrome. Long experience as nutrition consultant for vegans, vegetarians and raw food diet. Has also completed the training at the Italian Olympic Games Committee on Nutrition for Sport and Physical Exercise; being an athlete herself, member of a professional volley team, knows well what it takes to be involved in sports from a nutritional point of view. One mission:  to choose and combine the right foods, key factor for the right lifestyle: source of balanced beauty within wellness.
Teaches Nutrition Education, Health and Wellness, sharing her daily modus operandi: individual dietetic program, food selection based on antioxidant and nutritional values, correct preparation and balance of food. As Absolute Health core team member, plans for each patient individual nutritional plans boosting the antiaging efficacy of the other specialists therapies and suggestions.

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