Aging could be spotted looking at the ears too. Aging causes collagene, hydration and elasticity loss in earlobes too, exactly as for any other body part skin; in addiction, being an area bound to gravity, accentuated by earrings use, especially if extremely heavy and big, earlobe elongates , loses its tone and gets stretch marks.

Allergy to earrings material could even cause the earring hole to become wider and tear apart, splitting the earlobe in half.Heavy earrings, made out of an allergenic material, may cause earrings holes widening and earlobes deformity and splitting with skin laceration.
I this is your case, when the earring hole becomes too wide or opens apart, when the earlobe is too long and has completely lost its elasticity, we can surgically fix the earlobe with aesthetic plastic reconstruction. Once healing has occurred , we make new earrings holes, better if on an higher position and preferring lighter earrings.

Today Absolute Health international medical SPA, in the heart of Rome, provides a non surgical earlobe rejuvenation based on hyaluronic acid ( HA ), peeling, micro needling and other exclusive signature procedures. Our medical treatments can shorten the earlobes and make them firm, plump and wrinkle free, so you will be able to show off those beautiful and precious earrings again.
Your earlobes have always been too small? Our earlobe rejuvenation treatment can help you too, at Absolute Health we are able to give the earlobes a new shape and volume.

In order to slow down earlobe aging and to avoid surgery, keyword is Prevention, as usual. This earlobe rejuvenation is a non surgical, medical, lunch time procedure, taking around 15 minutes of your time.