Aesthetic Minimally Invasive Dentistry and Implantology, rock solid founded on twenty years of experience and cutting edge technologies.

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Aesthetic Medicine

The most effective aesthetic, beauty and antiaging medical treatment.

Discover our new Medical SPA concept.

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Plastic Surgery

The best Plastic Surgery specialists, experts in sound and modern outpatient or overnight procedures, help you reaching YOUR beauty goals.

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Preventive Medicine and Anti-Aging, Dietetics, Nutraceutics & Nutrigenetics, Dermoatoscopy Epiluminescence & Mole Mapping

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Anti-age Philosophy by Absolute Health

Absolute Health, AntiAging treatments – Wellness improving

Twenty and more years making our patients inner and outer smile shine, people we always establish a human relationship with, has taught us that this requires a wider vision. As Smile Designers we master proportions, symmetries, shades, details, how function walks with simplicity and cleanliness, we deeply believe that LESS is MORE. What a journey !
With extraordinary people that made us aware that our dental field background is the privileged, unbeatable and most complete point of view on face health and beauty.
This is where Absolute Health comes from: sensitive care enabling our journey partners to express themselves with a self and unique smile, that made them feel and be good. The same awareness became art, science, study, passion. A new journey , wider, more conscious: better..
Health isn’t merely the absence of disease but has became a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being sustainable over time.
We dreamed of a Medical Institution where one could find fair, scientific, competent, artistic, proficient answers on Health, Prevention, Beauty, WellBeing;

This is the international Medical SPA where Aesthetics is a window onto Well Being, where the target is avoiding diseases instead of only belatedly treating them. The Team of expert Medical Doctors, Dentists, Aesthetic Doctors, Plastic Surgeons, Cosmetologists, Nutritionists, Aestheticians makes real today’s most deserved issue: care of self.

Stress ( at work, environmental, familiar ) is the main responsible for diseases, aging, blemishes; self caring is often blamed as selfishness.
Truth is quite the opposite: taking care of ourselves is a primary necessity enduring not only physical benefits.
Health comes from the most part from the care and time we dedicate to ourselves. Our Wellness and Wellbeing depend on our body image too.

This is our YOU CENTERED concept.

We treatment plan Health and Beauty based on Resilience, materials science and engineering term defined as the ability to maintain own structure or to reestablish it after a stress.
As Medical professionals our main effort is to make you able to fight daily challenges having all the tools supporting flexibility, ability to adapt heal and regenerate: Health and AntiAge key points.

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News and Infos from the the World of Aesthetic Medicine

Embrace Resilience Now!

Absolute Health International Medical SPA gives you The Plan to Health and Beauty

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