Absolute Health is your first whole resource for aesthetic medicine treatments. Maintaining wellness, appearance, health and beauty you need medical competence, that’s why we developed cutting edge procedures to fight aging; all our aesthetic medicine therapies, such as hyaluronic acid (HA) filler, radio frequency ( RF ), cellular therapy, botox, biorevitalization, biostimulation, peeling, are fine-tuned to meet any specific need of each individual. You get a personal Beauty Plan, a unique professional treatment and home routine program. Any aesthetic medicine procedure achieves its highest results on healthy skin, blemishless, elastic, toned, firm, hydrated and glowing; if the skin lack of these basic qualities, anything you do is “superfluous and unnatural”. Just like you, we only use the most exclusive, active, safe ingredients and technology, directly from the manufacturers, no middlemen, so we have a strict control of our “procedure chain”.

As you do with us, we only partner with world leaders in each treatment, health is no joke. As a matter of fact we are also Skinceuticals official International Medical SPA, world antioxidant authority. At Absolute Health you find all the most active cosmeceuticals, professional and home regimens.

Aesthetic Medicine division of Absolute Health in Rome is head by Dr. Andrea Chiantini and coordinate by Maria Antonietta Romeo, university trained and professionally qualified in Aesthetics.