Absolute Health – Medical SPA gives you the exclusive opportunity to get a Free Professional Individual Skin Check Up with Skinscope, an innovative analysis instrument with LED-UV technology capable of diagnosing visible and hidden problems such as sun damages, oily skin and congested pores, dehydrated blemished and not homogenous skin.

After a long sun exposure, skin reacts thickening and increasing the number and the darkness of stains.

Why doing a Skin Check Up

After the summer season skin requires to be renewed with a multistep complete treatments protocol to Prevent, Correct, Protect the skin from photo- and chrono-induced damages.

Book your Free Skin Check Up

Book your free skin check up and take the opportunity to receive a complete individual free skin analysis and medical advices on how to take care of your skin needs after the summer season that is often cause of thickenings, dryness, staining and wrinkles. Mainly after the summer the skin demands renewal and to be pampered with prevention and care touches to remain healthy and beautiful.

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Free individual Skin Check Up only by appointment on the week from October Monday the 3rd to Saturday the 8th 2016 until time slots will be available.