Fine Arts and Design passion, non stop search for “Beauty” , drive him every single day.

Always in love with the medical sciences, is one of the youngest graduate magna cum laude, moves to the United States of America to obtain the “ Certificate of Advanced Graduate Studies” attending the Boston University Henry M. Goldman School of Dental Medicine, where he learns from the best clinicians how Aesthetics, ancient greek term for “knowing through senses”, is the corner stone of Beauty and Health.

Immediately becomes a “Smile Designer”, a developer of the Architecture of the Smile and this opens…. a whole new world!
Even his great international masters present very nice treatments, but they are still focused on the details of their own classic field, a very small one: no face, eyes, lips, skin, a very incomplete field.

Goes back to university and specializes on Aesthetic Medicine of the Face, mastering all the most advanced techniques for planning the wellness of his patients with a wider focus on the whole, big picture.
Design, Functionality, Simplicity lover, has fully embraced the Apple world and admires Steve Jobs, its founder, sharing his strenuous search of the innovation that improves quality of life.

Attends the most important meetings, symposia and medical centers around the whole world and constantly brings home the most advanced, safe, aesthetic and less invasive clinical techniques. Clinical instructor in U.S.A. and Brasil. Due to these continuos studies and attendance in the United States of America, Dr.Chiantini, since 2015 is one of the top expert on the newest nonsurgical treatments of the double chin, such as the Kybella®, just recently approved in italy with the name of Belkyra® for which he is the italian reference doctor treating the submental fullness ( localized fat below the chin or double chin ).

Nowadays pursues the best the antiaging medicine could reach through holistic approach: not be limited to disease’s treatment but correct the imperfection and plan the real health.

Dr Chiantini is registered at the Order of Physicians and Dentists of Rome – Italy position #3013

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