Project Description

The non surgical rhinoplasty, or rhinofiller, is the aesthetic medicine treatment used to change the shape of the nose without surgical procedures and incisions, avoiding general anesthesia, conscious sedation and, 99% of the times, even local anesthetics.
This kind of conservative, non surgical nose-job, has limited, specific indications, so can’t solve all the nose aesthetic problems, but, without invasive surgery, in 15-30 minutes, can shape the nose in many cases of asymmetries, bumps, drooping tip, depressions.

Non surgical nose-job or medical rhinoplasty is an aesthetic technique utilizing HA ( hyaluronic acid ), absorbable fillers and, in some circumstances, botox © as well. HA fillers volume creation allows to reshape the nose and, having an “artistic” view, to create, if necessary, a smaller nose illusion.


  • it is low invasive, no need for hospitalization.
  • no traumatic surgery
  • almost worries free post op, no bone remodeling or fracture, no casts, no nasal packing, no surgical incisions, no cuts, no sutures, no stitches
  • improvements can be done in small steps, one at the time in different sessions, doing touch-ups to reach the desired result progressively
    nose-job is reversible, but results could be stable up to two years
  • non surgical rhinoplasty with fillers is also used to understand and preview how eventually a future classical surgical rhinoplasty would look on your face


““What kind of results should I expect from non surgical rhinoplasty? I don’t want it to be too noticeable or that all of the sudden I have a completely different appearance””

Our main approach to the aesthetic medicine targets at looking and being better gradually and with no excesses. We work hard to offer one simple promise: make the real beauty concept prevailing, touching the unconscious and not disturbing. Creating new volumes for the face, particularly for the nose, should always reach proportion and harmony.

“Could I have side effects?”
The treated area could bruise, especially if daily drinking Green Tea, using anticoagulants ( even aspirin or other anti inflammatory drugs ), or having the monthly period; let us know in advance these circumstances. It will get back to normal in just few days, keep us updated, we always prefer to check it.

“How the non surgical rhinoplasty ( or nose job ) is done?”
Skin Cleansing and Disinfection, whole face and detailed on nose analysis, to plan the treatment, topical anesthetic and finally HA filler delivery.

“What are the after care precautions?”
During the very first days after the non surgical rhinoplasty ( or rhinofiller ) do not disturb the HA filler, avoiding the weight of eyeglasses for example; apply Sun Protection 50+ with uvA coverage; avoid sun exposure or sun bed for 3 to 4 days; avoid sauna or steam bath for 3 to 4 days.

Duration of intervention: 15/30 min
Post-operatory recovery: immediate

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